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Ordinary guy, nerd enough, reader enough, good looking enough, porn lover, women worshipper. Always thought that one person is not enough to love.

I don't claim any of the images here as my own, I just found them floating gently on the internet and linked them on a moment of inspiration.

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Damn, the look on their faces…..


Damn, the look on their faces…..

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Milo Manara <3

Our entire world history nailed.

Things which remain consistant - Sex, death and war.


this is the greatest thing I have seen on tumblr.

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Girlz In The Hood 3.3

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riding a BAD DRAGON! large vergil!

it felt wonderful!!!


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I’m tight on money too, but I’ll help spread the word.


My name is Devin, and this year, I’ll be a senior at SUNY Geneseo. My financial aid for this coming year has been altered drastically, and while I have tried my best to remedy the situation, I am currently left in a position where I will not be able to come close to paying my tuition for…